About Us

Our company was founded  in 1969 by Abdurrahman Koza.  It started  to work in 1968. Abrurrahman Koza produced only awning and sailor’s hammock according to the that time conditions. He created a company which was low-profit but high-work, Although It was seen as simple but It was professional.

It worked with Aselsan between 1979 and 1988,  It had a stage in product quality.

Our company built a workshot in Ostim industry area in 1984 and  Our company turned to tent market again and It reflect it’s 20 years experience to new business area.

In 1997,  We built a new workshop and We started to make steel construction and steel car bodies for our quality’s guarentee.

Our company was renamed as Koza Çadır Oto Karoser ve Tekstil San.Tic.Ltd.Şti in 1997.

After 1989, our company continued to work multipurpose several tents and It started to cover big sport center and exhibition space with tent or metal sheet systems. In addition to these, tennis court, sport center for schools, storage areas were covered.

Our company not only make tent manufacture but also  ground, concrete, asphalt, lighting and heating workings.